Weeklong mill grower blockade over: Sugarcane grower unions have lifted their blockades of cane mills across the country based on an agreement signed between the UNC grower union and the CNIAA, the “Sugar Chamber” representing Mexico’s milling and refining industry.

More comprehensive data: The agreement lays out significant changes to the country’s sugarcane pricing mechanism, per reporting by Codigo San Luis. Under the proposed scheme, the sugar reference price—the basis for cane pricing—would be based on data for all sugar sales rather than for sales recorded at 23 distribution centers covering about a tenth of all sugar sales.

The new system, which will reportedly begin this month, would theoretically benefit all cane growers rather than only members of the UNC union. Mills would provide documentation on a daily basis to a new national sugar market information system (SIMAN).

Mexico sugar reference prices & peso exchange rate

Source: SNIIM
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