Through Oct. 9, NOAA sees an even chance for above-average or below-average temperatures in Wisconsin, Illinois, eastern Iowa, and most of Missouri. West of these areas, the probability for above-average temperatures rises by 5 to 10 points.

East of Wisconsin and Illinois, the probability for below-average temperatures rises to some 55 percent to 60 percent during early October. It will be important to monitor this area and the northern region for frosts, which can damage corn not yet mature in late September through early October.

Below-average precipitation is expected in the Grain Belt through early October, as well. This would be favorable for corn harvesters as soil will be firm enough to support heavy machinery. Some rain is expected in the west central and northwestern regions, but not enough to cause serious delays.

Looking at the three-month precipitation outlook, the probability for above-average or below-average precipitation is even through the Grain Belt.

U.S. precipitation outlook, Sep. 26 through Oct. 9

Source: NOAA
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