Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA) forecasts the 2020 Washington apple crop at 134 million 40-pound boxes, up just 100,000 boxes year over year. Around 21 million of those boxes will be organic apples as organic production rose 40 percent YOY.

Washington apple farmers also expanded production of “Cosmic Crisp” apples this season, a variety that is expected to outproduce Honeycrisp apples by 2023, per Growing Produce. Honeycrisps will account for approximately 13 percent of the Washington crop this season.

Rounding out the Washington crop production by variety are Gala (23 percent), Red Delicious (17 percent), Fuji (14 percent), Granny Smith (13 percent), and Cripps Pink (5 percent).

On a historical note, the “Old Apple Tree” in Vancouver, Washington was determined to no longer be with us earlier this summer after a treasured 194-year history. However, the tree’s root system has sent up several saplings, so the larger organism is still alive and will hopefully someday produce more of the unique fruit.

Legend has it a that a naval officer from London planted the tree from seed when fur trading was still a prominent business in the Northwest.

Cosmic Crisp apple production by season

Source: Growing Produce
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