In the March WASDE report, USDA reported the estimated shortfall in raw tariff-rate quota (TRQ) imports at 255,000 STRV (short tons raw value) for 2022/23, or about 231,300 MTRV (metric tons raw value). TRQ volumes are assigned on a per-country basis every year, and when the agency deems it necessary to ensure domestic sugar supply, it can reallocate volumes to countries or custom areas expected to be able to supply this sugar.

On Mar. 14, USDA reallocated a total of 224,240 MTRV. Major recipients of reallocated TRQ volume include Brazil (42,765 MTRV), Dominican Republic (40,000 MTRV), Australia (24,479 MTRV), Guatemala (14,157 MTRV), Argentina (12,682 MTRV), and Peru (12,092 MTRV). Another 19 countries were allocated additional quotas under 10,000 MTRV.

In recent years, USDA has also extended the permitted entry window for TRQ imports by one to three months to bolster domestic sugar supply.

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