U.S. egg production in October totaled 9.22 billion: 8.04 billion table eggs and 1.18 hatching eggs. Table egg production was up 4 percent year over year and beat the previous record set in August. Processors handled more than 6.4 million pounds of breaking-stock eggs during October, up 6 percent from October 2017. November’s processing volume looks like it will be down slightly from October, perhaps by 4 to 5 percent.

The average price for breaking-stock eggs jumped to over 70 cents per dozen in November, up 24 percent from average October pricing, but was still 17 cents lower than year-ago pricing. The holiday season tends to reduce activity in the breaker market.

Speaking of the holiday season, in case you need some egg-related trivia to drop at a party, Yale paleontologists have linked the pigments found in modern birds’ colored egg shells to a pigment found in dinosaur eggs.

Monthly table egg production

Source: USDA
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