USDA published figures for sugar demand during the 2020/21 market year. Based on this data, the agency sees all 2020/21 domestic deliveries for food use at 12.109 million STRV, down nearly 1 percent from 2019/20 deliveries of 12.246 million STRV. (Note that this figure includes what USDA classes as “other” deliveries, which includes sugar-containing products for exports and the manufacture of polycyclic alcohol.)

Drilling down, however, we see 2020/21 deliveries for human use (including products re-exports) up 1.8 percent YOY at 11.32 million STRV.

Sectors showing the highest growth in sugar deliveries included bakery and cereal (up 1.7 percent), wholesalers (up 2.5 percent), multiple and other uses (up 4.9 percent), ice cream and dairy (up 8.2 percent), and beverages (up 18.6 percent).

Sectors down YOY included retail (down 4.0 percent), confectionery (down 4.4 percent), and canned, bottled, and frozen (down 9.8 percent).

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Growth in U.S. deliveries for human use (& products re-exports)

Source: USDA, McKeany-Flavell
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