The U.S. imported almost 23,300 MT of natural honey in October, nearly tying the record import volume set in May 2017 and up 45 percent from October 2017. Jan-Oct imports totaled 154,300 MT, down just 10 percent from last year to date thanks to October’s volume; a couple months earlier, the year-over-year deficit was closer to 20 percent.

Shipments from Vietnam set a record, at 5,630 MT, as did Argentina’s shipments of 7,430 MT. Together, Vietnam and Argentina accounted for 56 percent of the month’s imports. In recent years, Vietnam has been the U.S.’s largest honey origin on an annual basis, although Argentina nearly regained the top spot in 2017. Looking at Jan-Oct imports, Argentina’s shipments, at 30,200 MT, were slightly ahead of Vietnam’s 29,790 MT. Pricing for Argentine honey came down a bit in September and October, which helped encourage buying.

U.S. honey monthly import volumes & pricing: Vietnam & Argentina

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