Maybe the funhouse seemed like a harmless way to spend a warm afternoon at the corn carnival (we all call the corn market that, right?): You knew your market’s fundamentals, so how about a little thrill-seeking among gently distorted market factors? You knew logistics were gonna try to startle you—they always yip around. And what’s that line from Nightmare Before Christmas? “Life’s no fun without a good scare!” Just some good Halloween hijinks.

But somewhere along the way, it got cold and dark, the distortions now look like monsters, and you’re not sure your heart can take any more jump scares from stupid logistics. The funhouse turned into something maybe a little too Stephen King. (You know he has some scary thoughts about corn.)

It’s nice to have a friend along on trips to the carnival, trips to the cabin, and when developing your commodity buying strategy. We’ll always stick together—and have a charged satellite phone and an exit strategy. We’ve also learned a thing or two about monstrous markets over the years, including a lesson exemplified in that largely corn-centered classic, The Wizard of Oz: Look behind the curtain because the truth is usually less scary than the drama.

So if you’re lost in the funhouse, give us a holler. We’ll turn on the lights, bring you outside in the fresh air, and shine some daylight on the markets, corn and all the rest. Monsters hate that.

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Posted by: Information Services
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