McKeany-Flavell market analysts work tirelessly to help clients navigate the intricacies of buying or hedging corn and gauging how the corn market will affect products such as starch, glucose and dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, ethanol, and other corn derivatives.

But did you know clients also have access to a robust self-service research tool via McKeany-Flavell’s IQ intelligence platform?

From regular market commentaries and purchasing urgency indicators to weekly updates on basis bids and corn coproduct values to monthly updated price forecasts, IQ subscribers can access different tiers of information to enhance and expand on direct consultations and presentations.

A selection of just a few of our market monitoring tools:

Market updates: Corn experts provide daily and weekly recaps of the news most impactful on pricing, as well as updates on the market outlook and how urgent their analysis is on buying decisions. IQ intelligence arms clients with a competitive advantage, and even more so in volatile and uncertain market environments.

Monthly world and domestic corn reviews: These reports are packed with charts and tables that encapsulate the current state of U.S. and global corn production, supply, use, and pricing. This information can be plugged into your company presentations.

Net corn cost report and forecast: Once a month, we summarize current corn market pricing relevant to the corn wet milling sector and forecast Midwest corn, basis, and coproduct pricing for the next 12 months. For procurement professionals utilizing formula-based pricing tools, this report is essential for reconciling tolling contracts.

Basis and coproduct report: This weekly report is a powerhouse of information that recaps the previous week’s average basis bids for corn near wet mill locations and shows changes in bids from the week and year before; charts place values in historical context. Corn coproduct values for the previous week are also included and accompanied by helpful charts.

Higher levels of IQ subscriptions allow clients more access to our tools and data. Please contact us to learn more about how McKeany-Flavell and our IQ Ingredient Intelligence platform can improve your procurement process and reporting.

Posted by: Information Services
Our Information Services team assists our clients with understanding commodity and ingredient market dynamics. Using our extensive database of intelligence, we also produce regular commodity and commercial market publications covering supply and demand fundamentals, news alerts on events that shape the markets, and resource guides to give you a complete picture of the industries we monitor.