Benchmark Mar-24 #11 world raw sugar settled at 26.74 cents Oct. 6 after a three-session rally, straddling the 20-day moving average. The contract returned to its late-September range but remains below its recent record highs. RSI is neutral, MACD was slightly less bearish, and the stochastic grew more bullish. With similar technicals, May-24 #11 also rallied in recent sessions to close Oct. 6. at 25.45. 

The dollar index corrected in recent sessions following its recent ten-month high, coinciding with the rally for world sugar futures. Dollar strength should still support Brazil’s sugar production and exports, a key origin with southeast Asian new crops expected smaller. 

Dec-23 #5 world white sugar rebounded in recent sessions, closing at $709.20, below retracement resistance above $710.00 and $710.55. RSI is neutral; MACD grew less bearish; the stochastic was slightly more bullish Oct. 6. 

Jan-24 #16 domestic raw sugar fell earlier in the week to close Oct. 3 at 43.76 but rebounded later to close Oct. 6 at 44.24, a fresh contract high. RSI is bearish; MACD is neutral. The stochastic is modestly bullish but in overbought territory. 

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