Earlier this week, Taiwan committed to purchasing a few billion dollars of U.S. corn, corn co-products, and soybeans over the next two years.

Reuters reported that Taiwan agreed to buy $2.2 billion corn and soybeans from Illinois, and World-Grain.com reported Taiwan agreed to purchase $1.1 billion of corn and soybeans from Indiana over two years. Corn from Nebraska and Missouri was reportedly sought after by a Taiwanese delegation as well.

Together, the combined $3.3 billion of corn over two years ($1.65 billion per year) would surpass the previous three-year annual average by a considerable margin.

The value of U.S. corn and soybeans shipped to Taiwan over the past three calendar years averaged $1.16 billion per year, with about 60 percent of total shipments being corn, by volume, per Reuters.

Skeptics have pointed out that Taiwan’s pledge to buy corn and soybeans is not binding and that foreign countries typically do not make deals with individual U.S. states.

U.S. corn exports to Taiwan by season

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