Nearby FCOJ futures up 25% from last month

The May-23 FCOJ contract rallied in the last six sessions ending Apr. 4, supported by a bullish mood across commodity markets, itself bolstered by a weaker dollar and rising energy prices, settling this Wednesday above the Bollinger Band. Per NASS and FDA, the harvest [...]

Orange production estimates unchanged in May

In its May citrus report, USDA made no changes to estimated domestic orange production. Florida early-midseason orange production in 2020/21 is seen at 22.7 million 90-lb boxes, California at 42.0 million 80-lb boxes, and Texas at 1.0 million 85-lb boxes. For Valencia oranges, 2020/21 [...]

U.S. orange output lower

This month, USDA lowered its 2020/21 early-midseason orange production forecast to 20.0 million 90-lb boxes for Florida, down 2.0 million boxes from the December estimate and down 3.0 million boxes from the November estimate. Florida’s Valencia orange production estimate remains at 34.0 million boxes, [...]

Valencia harvest at 3.2 million boxes per week

Florida orange growers harvested 3.2 million boxes of Valencia oranges during the week ending Mar. 22, about the same volume as the previous week. Weather has been warmer than average and dry. Processing pace appears to be about a week ahead of last season, [...]

Florida orange production lowered 1.0 million boxes

This week, USDA lowered Florida’s early-midseason orange production by 1.0 million 90-lb boxes, to 30.0 million. Valencia orange production was left at 41.0 million boxes. March’s early-mid forecast is down 2.0 million boxes from the initial projection in October. Since then, drop rate crept [...]

Florida orange production still at 77 million boxes

USDA held Florida orange production at 77.0 million 90-lb boxes in today’s production report: 32.0 million boxes of early-midseason oranges and 45.0 million boxes of Valencias. A couple forecast components shifted a bit but not enough to change box count. The drop rate for [...]

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