Mexico increases U.S. corn purchases

Mexico placed orders for a net 919,837 MT of corn during the week ending Nov. 10, the highest weekly net for this season to date. Outstanding sales to Mexico ended the week at 4.8 MMT, down 17 percent year over year; during the previous [...]

Soybean harvest wraps up a few days ahead of average

The soybean crop harvest was nearly complete in all the top-producing states as of Nov. 13 and 96 percent complete on average across the U.S. vs. the five-year average of 91 percent. This report was the last one for 2022/23 soybeans. Corn harvest is [...]

Soybean export volumes to China slow again

Net soybean export sales were a bit below average during the week ending Nov. 3, continuing the slower pace of recent weeks. There was a rise for week-over-week exports during the period. Soybean export volumes to China slowed somewhat during the week to 1.9 [...]

Corn market considerations

Last week’s WASDE was reasonably uneventful, excluding the further reduction in anticipated global ending stocks in 2022/23. U.S. ending stocks increased just 10 million bushels from the October projection. One factor being watched closely is that of inflation and/or additional interest rate hikes. The [...]

USDA shows caution in November U.S. grain adjustments

Today’s WASDE report delivered a few modest changes to the U.S. balance sheets for wheat, corn, and soybeans, leaving ending stocks a bit higher from the October estimate for corn and soybeans and slightly lower for wheat. USDA tweaked 2022/23 wheat use for food [...]

Latest milk production report sparks controversy over herd

2022 has been marked by repeated USDA revisions by of milking cow numbers. Around midyear, we saw a dramatic upward revision in the herd by nearly 25,000 heifers. Now, we are seeing a revision lower to previously reported numbers. The new numbers show a [...]

September soybean crush around recent average for month

Soybean crush declined seasonally in September, although the dip was somewhat greater than analysts expected. NOPA members crushed 158.1 million bushels of soybeans last month, up 3 percent from September 2021 and just above the average for the month we’ve seen since 2017/18 (when [...]

Mexico sugar stocks down 6% YOY

CNDSCA reports available stocks at the end of September at 0.96 MMT, down 6 percent YOY. Including certified stocks for export, all sugar carryout was down 8 percent YOY at 0.96 MMT—certified stocks are down nearly 87 percent YOY. In the October WASDE, USDA [...]

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