A quiet March WASDE

The March 2022/23 U.S. corn outlook is for lower exports and increased ending stocks compared to February estimates. USDA lowered exports by 75 million bushels due to the slow pace of shipments and sales. Ending stocks were raised, above expectations. The 2022/23 U.S. soybean [...]

Corn market quiet ahead of WASDE

The corn market is holding steady despite hits to its three major demand categories, weather variability, and political uncertainty. Mar-23 corn closed a bit higher this week, although, analysts expect global corn ending stocks to fall by about 2 MMT in this week’s WASDE [...]

Sugar market still tight in 2023/24 early estimates

USDA’s Sugar Outlook is forecasting 2023/24 carryout at a three-year low—still above carryout in 2019/20, a nine-year low. This early 2023/24 outlook assumes a rebound in beet production based on historical averages of processing yields and pile shrink and on beet acres lost with [...]

Small bump in dairy herd at start of 2023

USDA reveals an unexpected increase in national and state dairy herd numbers kicking off 2023. After 2022 ended on two months of decline, the market was prepared for another modest round of culling and further declines in the herd ahead of the latest milk [...]

Corn exports not hitting necessary pace

USDA did not adjust 2022/23 corn exports in the February WASDE, contrary to expectations of market watchers tracking the weekly shipment progress. Weekly exports still lag the average level needed to hit the target, however, so we may see a reduction in the March [...]

Mexico sugar prices weaker, production still down YOY

Through the week of Feb. 4, the 19th week of Mexico’s 2022/23 sugar campaign, cumulative cane harvest area was reported up 3.8 percent YOY. Due to poor cane yield (tonnage), however, total cane crush is still down 6.5 percent YOY, and with the sugar [...]

High net corn cost as we head toward spring

The hike in corn pricing in 2021 lifted the net cost of corn (after accounting for the credit from selling several processing coproducts, such as corn gluten feed) to levels not seen in ten years, when the Corn Belt suffered a widespread, devasting drought. [...]

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