Will tweaking Mexico sugar import mix reassure U.S. market?

On the same day, Mar. 10, that USDA published a forecast for U.S. sugar stocks-to-use (STU) at 7.2 percent—for those keeping score at home, just a bit over half of the target STU of 13.5 percent—the agency is already taking some steps to reassure [...]

Mexico sugar crop & new agreement with U.S.

Reference pricing for Mexican sugar has continued its three-month divergent trend: weakening for estandar, appreciation for refined. The most recent estandar pricing shows a drop of 0.5 percent from the previous week and of 0.7 percent from a month ago. Conversely, refined is up [...]

Will re-export values decline in 2020?

Re-export credit values have been one of the bright spots for sugar-containing products for exporters that participate in USDA’s re-export program, especially since the Suspension Agreements with Mexico were put in place. Over the last ten years, spot re-export credits using a formula of [...]

Amendments to Sugar Suspension Agreements ordered vacated

In a ruling earlier this month, a Court of International Trade judge ordered that the 2017 amendments to the U.S.-Mexico Suspension Agreements be vacated. Based on findings of dumping of and unfair subsidies for Mexican exports of sugar in 2014, U.S. authorities set antidumping [...]

U.S. may expand 2018/19 Mexican sugar import quota

Official estimates peg October-May imports of Mexican sugar at 596,739 metric tons raw value (MTRV), down 17.5 percent from the 723,704 MTRV imported during the same months of 2017/18. Year-to-date imports are down 19.6 percent from the average of the three market years that [...]

U.S. imports of Mexican sugar: 2017/18 through August, looking ahead at 2018/19

This season, the pattern of shipments of Mexican sugar to the U.S. has been atypical, greatly influenced by the newest iteration of import rules under the Suspended Agreements. From October through August, cumulative imports of Mexico sugar reached an estimated 1.084 MMT, raw value, [...]

U.S. imports of Mexican sugar accelerate

The China-U.S. trade tiff is making most of the headlines, and other targets of Trump’s tariffs have announced a slew of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods. Europe, collectively, and China are our largest trading partners, but the other two NAFTA members, Canada and Mexico, [...]

Mexican imports of U.S. high-fructose corn syrup

For the marketing year to date (October through April), Mexico’s imports of HFCS-55 total an estimated 467,666 metric tons (MT), dry basis, a decline of 2.3 percent from imports of 478,602 MT a year ago. Given the high prices for domestic sugar in Mexico, [...]

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