India 2021/22 sugar production projected stronger at 35 MMT

In a new estimate, ISMA sees total 2021/22 sugar production at 35.0 MMT—some 1.5 MMT above our most recent estimate. The new forecast is based on improved cane tonnage and strong sugar recovery (i.e., sugar content) even though total planted area has not grown [...]

Brazil center-south sugar production down over 12% YOY

Sugarcane crush in Brazil’s center-south was down nearly 10 percent YOY from April, the start of the campaign, through mid-October. Cumulative sugar output is down 12.5 percent YOY at 30.3 MMT. The sugar share of cane crush for the season to date is 46 [...]

Estandar sugar pricing holds, refined holds steady early in Mexico campaign

November’s average reference pricing for estandar fell 1.9 percent from pricing in October, while refined pricing gained slightly, up 0.3 percent from the October average. Year on year, estandar and refined references prices are up 21 percent and 23 percent, respectively. Through the eighth [...]

How much sugar will Mexico export to the U.S.?

In the April WASDE, USDA increased Mexico’s sugar production by 35,000 metric tons, to 5.235 MMT, and increased U.S. imports from Mexico by 34,000 short tons raw value, to 1.199 million STRV. USDA’s current estimate is realistic if Mexico’s sugarcane harvest stops in late May, [...]

Mexican cane campaign pace picks up slightly

Estandard pricing is flat week on week, while refined appreciated 1.2 percent from the previous week, unsurprising given that refined stocks are seen as tighter this season. Through the 14th week of the crush campaign, harvest area picked up slightly and is now 27 [...]

Mexico sugar output still behind at end of 2019

Through Dec. 28, harvested area for the 2019/20 Mexican sugarcane campaign was down 30 percent YOY. Cane crush was down 29 percent YOY, an improvement from being down 38 percent YOY two weeks prior. Similarly, sugar production has made up some ground, from down [...]

Brazil cane crush & sugar output surpass last season’s pace

Brazil’s center-south sugar campaign continues to gain on last season’s pace, with cane crush through mid-October up 5.0 percent YOY. Through September, tonnage was up 4.6 percent YOY at 79.84 MT of cane per hectare. Per recent reports, fewer rains have supported the harvest [...]

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