Value of HFCS-55 exports to Mexico up 16% in 2022

The U.S. exported over 666,250 MT (dry weight) of HFCS-55 to Mexico last year, about the same volume as exported in 2021 and 86 percent of total 2022 HFCS-55 exports. On a per-pound basis, HFCS-55 exports to Mexico in 2022 averaged higher than 2021’s [...]

Fresh record high for FAO Food Price Index in March

FAO reported its Food Price Index (FPI) at a new record in March 2022, about 17 percent above its previous high in early 2011 and up nearly 37 percent YOY (unadjusted for inflation). Adjusted for inflation, the FPI was still a record high in [...]

India’s sugar market: Balancing food use & fuel ethanol mandate

Through mid-March, India’s 2021/22 sugar production totaled 28.326 MMT, up about 9 percent YOY thanks to favorable pre-monsoon and monsoon rains last year. ISMA estimates 2021/22 sugar production near 33.3 MMT, above our most recent estimate near 31.3 MMT. More favorable rains are forecast [...]

October-November India sugar production up nearly 10% YOY

As of the end of November, ISMA estimated India’s 2021/22 sugar production near 4.72 MMT, up about 9.7 percent from cumulative production a year ago of 4.30 MMT. We currently forecast all 2021/22 output near 33.4 MMT, up about 1 percent YOY. As a [...]

Mexico refined sugar pricing weakens, still strong historically

In Mexico, reference pricing for estandar and refined were down 1.8 percent and 1.0 percent, respectively, vs. the four-week average. Average June pricing for estandar is about unchanged year on year, while refined pricing is up over 11 percent YOY. With the 2020/21 sugar [...]

Mexico sugar campaign still strong, pressuring pricing

Mexico’s crush campaign remains strong, with harvest area up nearly 11 percent YOY and up 8 percent from the five-year average. Cane crush is up even more strongly, up 15 percent YOY. With sugar recovery also up, total 2020/21 production reached 2.826 MMT as [...]

Indian sugar mills’ debt to cane growers rises spikes, will keep rising

Per ISMA estimates, sugarcane farmers in India were owed US$2.8 billion by sugar mills at the end of January. Both mills and growers have been lobbying the state and national governments for various forms of assistance and favorable policy shifts. The sum owed to [...]

Indian sugar output up nearly 7 percent, but exports disappoint

Output from October through December reached 11.05 MMT of sugar, up from 10.36 MMT a year ago. According to ISMA, the bump in production is due to early starts for crush in Maharashtra and Karnataka, but the association warns that sugarcane output will be [...]

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