India’s sugar market: Balancing food use & fuel ethanol mandate

Through mid-March, India’s 2021/22 sugar production totaled 28.326 MMT, up about 9 percent YOY thanks to favorable pre-monsoon and monsoon rains last year. ISMA estimates 2021/22 sugar production near 33.3 MMT, above our most recent estimate near 31.3 MMT. More favorable rains are forecast [...]

Brazil center-south sugar production down over 12% YOY

Sugarcane crush in Brazil’s center-south was down nearly 10 percent YOY from April, the start of the campaign, through mid-October. Cumulative sugar output is down 12.5 percent YOY at 30.3 MMT. The sugar share of cane crush for the season to date is 46 [...]

Mexican sugar production up 8% in 2020/21 as season nears end

As of Jul. 17, Mexico’s 2020/21 sugar production reached 5.713 MMT, up 8 percent from production a year prior of 5.278 MMT. Higher harvest area and sugar tonnage per hectare, 64.9 MT vs. 62.9 a year prior, have helped bolster sugar output. Sugar yield [...]

Brazilian center-south sugar production up 49% YOY

Brazil’s center-south crush from April through June reached 229 MMT of cane, up about 5 percent YOY and up about 9 percent from the five-year average. For the season to date, the sugar share of cane use is 46.4 percent, up almost 12 points [...]

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