Soy complex selloff ends

Futures activity Jan-23 soybean oil futures dipped to $60 cents per pound early last week after two weeks of declines. Prices eventually rallied by about 3.0 to 3.5 cents per pound. Soybean futures were volatile in daily trades, but Jan-23 futures only fell 3 [...]

Soy oil, meal futures decouple from soybeans

Futures activity Nov-22 soybean futures ended last week at $13.9550 per bushel, up about $0.10 per bushel from the beginning of the week. After a Thursday rally, Dec-22 soybean meal closed the week at $417.90 per short ton. Dec-22 soybean oil also ended the [...]

Quarterly grain stocks report surprises market

The September Grain Stocks report showed 2021/22 ending stocks for corn at 1.377 billion bushels, down 148 million bushels from the estimate in the September WASDE. The corn futures market responded vigorously, rising to a high of $6.9625 per bushel. USDA lowered 2021/22 corn [...]

Soy complex rebounds as Midwest weather turns ominous

Futures activity Soybean futures demonstrated their greatest gains in about 18 years last week as weather concerns moved into the market. Aug-22 soybean futures increased by $1.64 per bushel last week to close at $16.37 per bushel on Friday. Nov-22 futures increased 9 percent [...]

Soybeans: Speculative selling counters bullish WASDE

Futures activity Soybean futures felt the influence of speculative liquidation last week despite a bullish WASDE report. Aug-22 soybean futures closed the week at $14.66 per bushel, down by $0.56 per bushel from last Monday. November beans are down by $0.63 over the week [...]

Soybean market eyes acreage report next week

Futures activity May-22 futures rose last week from $16.68 per bushel back above $17 dollars to $17.09 per bushel, reaching new contract highs. S&D and fundamental factors Informa expects U.S. soybean acres at 88.6 million acres, at or just above current market expectations ahead [...]

South American soybeans lead corn higher

Futures activity We just closed another week with higher futures as the Mar-22 corn contract settled at $6.54 per bushel, up from a low of $6.38 per bushel last Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Dec-22 harvest contract is rapidly approaching $6, closing the week at $5.9775 [...]

Bullish WASDE & CONAB reports for soy complex

Futures activity Mar-22 soybean futures saw a volatile week of trading, with prices making fresh highs of $16.33 per bushel last Thursday morning before crashing to close at $15.74 per bushel. On the week, prices moved up 32 cents per bushel to $15.85 per [...]

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