Problems at port slow juice imports

Stocks of non-orange juice concentrates at the end of August were just 276.4 million pounds, nearly unchanged from July and the lowest level for the month since 2015. In common with other imports coming into the U.S., Gulf access for apple juice (the largest [...]

Lower juice imports this year

This year, U.S. imports of the major juices (orange, apple, grape, and pineapple) totaled 515.1 million single-strength-equivalent (SSE) gallons, down 7.5 percent from Jan-May 2018. Total imports were lower each month this year, due in part to the decline in orange juice imports as [...]

As U.S. juice consumption falls, apple juice holds more of the market

Americans consumed 5.4 single-strength-equivalent (SSE) gallons of juice per person in 2017, down 3 percent from 2016 and down 12 percent from five years ago. We have drunk less juice every year since 2013, driven by the decrease in orange juice consumption. Orange juice [...]

Florida orange growers cross their fingers for 2018/19

Growing conditions in Florida’s citrus belt have been generally beneficial so far for the new crop. Some areas have been drier than others, but growers are irrigating as necessary to support their trees. Citrus Consulting is forecasting production at around 77.0 million 90-lb boxes, [...]

EU may slap retaliatory duties on orange juice

In the event of the EU imposing trade sanctions on the U.S. in response to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum, orange juice and cranberry products are expected to be among EU targets. The EU imports most of its orange juice from Brazil, but [...]

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