U.S. cocoa beans stock close out 2021 at record levels

Despite robust growth of 6.2 percent in 2020/21 North American grind, bags of cocoa beans in licensed warehouse continued to outpace levels seen in the previous five seasons. We finished 2021 with around 4.675 million bags, setting a recent record. As the main cocoa [...]

Strong cocoa Q2 2021 grind rebounds in Europe & North America?

This week, ECA reported European Q2 2021 cocoa grind is at a record 356,854 MT, down 0.3 percent from Q1 grind of 357,815 but up 13.6 percent from Q2 2020 YOY. German Q2 grind had been reported at 93,064 MT of beans, up 18 [...]

First-quarter cocoa grinds showing signs of green shoots

The past year has been tough on everyone, and the confectionery industry has been no exception. Global cocoa grind, a measurement of confectionery demand, contracted nearly 3 percent in 2020, with many traditional routes to market such as impulse purchases and food service disrupted [...]

Cocoa grind growth mixed for major regions of use

European grind provided a more neutral tone at 373,625 MT in Q1 2020, up over 5% from Q4 2019 and up almost 1% YOY. This is a reversal from the previous three quarters, which all showed YOY declines. Asian Q1 grind was reported at [...]

Fresh highs for cocoa, ignoring bearish grind numbers

Cocoa futures surged nearby or above $2,800 MT to multiyear high after this week’s release of somewhat anemic Q4 grind numbers. Trade was waiting to see whether Q3’s grind numbers were a one-off or whether softness is continuing to creep into the cocoa demand. [...]

Asian cocoa bean grind still growing—North American grind retreats

North America’s Q2 2018 grind was reported at 119,301 MT by NCA, down 3.1 percent from Q2 2017 grind and the lowest Q2 grind since 2012. This Q2 decline surpassed market expectations, which ran closer to the 1.3 percent and 1.1 percent declines shown [...]

Stronger growth for European cocoa grind in Q2

Cocoa grind for reporting entities in Europe reached 356,109 MT in the second quarter of 2018, according to ECA. Up more than 7 percent from Q2 2017, this unexpectedly robust growth added some bullish sentiment to the market, at least momentarily. Bullish grind figures [...]

European cocoa grind beats expectations

European grind for Q1 2018 was 358,432 MT, up 1.5 percent from the previous quarter and 5.5 percent higher than Q1 2017 grind. Meanwhile, Q1 grind reported for Asian manufacturers was 190,244 MT, down 3.2 percent from Q4 2017’s volume but up an impressive [...]

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