April net corn cost up 20% from March

Corn basis: Basis bids around Decatur, IL were considerably higher during the April reconciliation period, compared to March 2023 and April 2022. Corn gluten meal and feed: Corn gluten meal and feed prices continue to decline, both seasonally and year over year. April CG [...]

High net corn cost as we head toward spring

The hike in corn pricing in 2021 lifted the net cost of corn (after accounting for the credit from selling several processing coproducts, such as corn gluten feed) to levels not seen in ten years, when the Corn Belt suffered a widespread, devasting drought. [...]

December average net corn cost was 11-month high

The runup in corn pricing outpaced higher coproduct values, which led net corn cost to average almost $2.16 in December, up 2 percent from a month prior and up about 2 percent YOY. The coproduct credit averaged $2.35 in December, up 7 percent from [...]

March net corn cost dipped below $2.00

The recent year-over-year growth in coproduct pricing supported the coproduct credit in March as the cost of corn fell to $3.85 per bushel (basis Decatur, IL). Futures during the March coproduct value reconciliation period averaged $3.65 per bushel, nearly unchanged from a year ago, [...]

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