Mild start to fall helps natural gas stocks recover

With the end of summer heat and milder temperatures across the U.S., the Energy Information Administration’s reports a clear boost to natural gas inventory. Recent weekly reports show stocks growing by over 100 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per day, helping to narrow the gap [...]

Early spring helps natural gas stocks with second week of inventory gains

As temperatures begin to climb with early arrival of spring weather, EIA’s reported natural gas inventories registered their second, albeit modest, increase in as many weeks. National storage showed a 20 bcf build with the largest increase in the central-south region, bringing total stocks [...]

Record-setting cold descends across Midwest this past week

Although the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had forecast an atypically warm Q4 for much of the U.S., an early snowstorm event in October followed by record-breaking cold throughout much of the Midwest has belied that forecast. Already troubled by spring flooding, delayed [...]

Renewed equities & energy buying with more dovish Fed

In recent testimony, Fed Chairman Powell stated that the longer-term policy of the Central Bank is now aiming for lower rates than today. Although several Fed members voiced worries about guarding against inflation, most now favor some sort of rate cut, as evidence by [...]

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