2023 natural gas annual build begins

Warmer weather across the country is ushering in spring-like conditions and inventories of natural gas are again building. This year’s turn came earlier than last year’s, with stocks in underground storage rising 25 billion cubic feet (Bcf) in the first week of April. The [...]

Natural gas inventories pull even with benchmarks

For the first time this year, natural gas storage underground reached 2021 levels and seems set to catch up with the five-year average. Atypically warm weather across much of the eastern U.S. during October and the first half of November allowed a greater build [...]

Midwest braces for winter temps in early November

The weekly natural gas inventories set a new-record high on Oct. 25 at just under 3,700 Bcf, registering 17.8 percent above the prior year’s levels. However, the seasonal build may be coming to an abrupt halt in the first week of November as a [...]

Natural gas prices sink to life-of-contract lows

The U.S. Energy Information Administration weekly natural gas storage report issued on May 30 continued to show heavy injections and another 114 billion cubic feet (bcf) build, bringing total inventories to 1,867 bcf. Total inventories were nearly 9 percent above last year’s level, although [...]

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