Mexico increases U.S. corn purchases

Mexico placed orders for a net 919,837 MT of corn during the week ending Nov. 10, the highest weekly net for this season to date. Outstanding sales to Mexico ended the week at 4.8 MMT, down 17 percent year over year; during the previous [...]

Soybean export volumes to China slow again

Net soybean export sales were a bit below average during the week ending Nov. 3, continuing the slower pace of recent weeks. There was a rise for week-over-week exports during the period. Soybean export volumes to China slowed somewhat during the week to 1.9 [...]

Sugar & sweetened beverage tax updates: Latin America

As lifestyles and diets evolved, especially in developing nations, death rates due to noncommunicable diseases (NCD) such as diabetes and heart disease have continued to rise. These countries have explored a variety of policies to reduce the incidence of NCDs and increase life expectancies. [...]

Not much world buying of U.S. soybean oil

The 2022/23 U.S. soybean oil export season has seen its slowest start to a marketing year since FAS began reporting weekly progress in 1990. Outstanding sales were a mere 27,900 MT (61.5 million pounds) as of Oct. 20, while cumulative shipments totaled 3,989 MT [...]

2021/22 soybean oil exports ended near 2020/21 level

According to USDA’s Foreign Ag Service, the U.S. exported a total of 678,426 MT (1.496 billion pounds) of soybean oil during the 2021/22 marketing year, up 2,815 MT from the season before. Of the season’s top destinations for U.S. soybean oil, 24 percent of [...]

Corn export sales see slow start to season

U.S. trade partners appear to be holding off buying 2022/23 corn: Sales were a mere 182,339 MT during the week of Sep. 15 (7.2 million bushels), well below average for the week. Outstanding sales to Japan were 854,000 MT as of Sep. 15, compared [...]

U.S. weekly corn exports at eight-month low

For the week ending Jul. 7, U.S. weekly corn exports were 916,123 MT (36.1 million bushels), an eight-month low and down 14 percent YOY. Cumulative 2021/22 exports reached 53.4 MMT (2.102 billion bushels), down 11 percent YOY. Weekly net export sales were 59,027 MT [...]

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