Mexico sugar still weakening in midcrop period

At the start of this week, pricing is flat from the previous week but down almost a point from the four-week average for both estandar and refined. In August, the Ministry of Economy announced that initial export quotas to the U.S. will total 657,153 [...]

Mexico sugar campaign still strong, pressuring pricing

Mexico’s crush campaign remains strong, with harvest area up nearly 11 percent YOY and up 8 percent from the five-year average. Cane crush is up even more strongly, up 15 percent YOY. With sugar recovery also up, total 2020/21 production reached 2.826 MMT as [...]

Estandar sugar pricing holds, refined holds steady early in Mexico campaign

November’s average reference pricing for estandar fell 1.9 percent from pricing in October, while refined pricing gained slightly, up 0.3 percent from the October average. Year on year, estandar and refined references prices are up 21 percent and 23 percent, respectively. Through the eighth [...]

Mexican refined sugar pricing pushes higher still

With refined sugar remaining tight in Mexico, the price divergence trend continues. Estandar pricing was down almost half a percent last week and down slightly more from the four-week average. Refined, meanwhile, was flat week on week and up 0.6 percent from its four-week [...]

Mexico domestic sugar reference pricing continues to strengthen

For the week ending Sep. 18, the average reference price for Mexico estandar sugar rose 1.4 percent from a month prior and averaged up 28 percent YOY. Refined price was up almost 1 percent for the week and up 25 percent YOY. For Sep. [...]

How much sugar will Mexico export to the U.S.?

In the April WASDE, USDA increased Mexico’s sugar production by 35,000 metric tons, to 5.235 MMT, and increased U.S. imports from Mexico by 34,000 short tons raw value, to 1.199 million STRV. USDA’s current estimate is realistic if Mexico’s sugarcane harvest stops in late May, [...]

Will tweaking Mexico sugar import mix reassure U.S. market?

On the same day, Mar. 10, that USDA published a forecast for U.S. sugar stocks-to-use (STU) at 7.2 percent—for those keeping score at home, just a bit over half of the target STU of 13.5 percent—the agency is already taking some steps to reassure [...]

Mexico sugar crop lags last season, domestic pricing up YOY

Reference pricing for sugar was largely flat last week. Estandar was down marginally from the four-week average, while refined was up just half a percent. The estandar reference price is up about 10 percent YOY, while refined is up nearly 11 percent YOY. Through [...]

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