Mexico sugar reference prices boost food costs

In the first week of July, reference prices for sugar made further gains, continuing the rally of the previous four months. Estandar pricing is now up over 40 percent YOY, refined up over 50 percent.  Price strength follows the general inflationary trend, further supported [...]

Mexico sugar prices still rising as production lags

CNDSCA reported Mexico 2022/23 sugar output through May 13 at 5.10 MMT, down nearly 13 percent YOY, matching the YOY drop that USDA expects for the entire season.  USDA forecasts 2023/24 production rebounding nearly 10 percent YOY—assuming no challenging weather from now until the [...]

Mexico sugar output down 8% YOY as of late February

Early 2023 estimates of Mexico’s sugar production leave much to be desired. Even though harvest area is not up year on year, Mexico’s sugar production is still lagging last year’s pace and the multiyear average for this date. The real culprit behind the lag [...]

Mexico sugar prices weaker, production still down YOY

Through the week of Feb. 4, the 19th week of Mexico’s 2022/23 sugar campaign, cumulative cane harvest area was reported up 3.8 percent YOY. Due to poor cane yield (tonnage), however, total cane crush is still down 6.5 percent YOY, and with the sugar [...]

Mexico early sugar production below trend

Through week seven of Mexico’s 2022/23 sugarcane campaign, sugar production was running behind last season and the five-year average. Crush to date is down 27 percent YOY. Early figures of sugar production, with just a handful of mills in operation, are not indicative of [...]

Mexico sugar stocks down 6% YOY

CNDSCA reports available stocks at the end of September at 0.96 MMT, down 6 percent YOY. Including certified stocks for export, all sugar carryout was down 8 percent YOY at 0.96 MMT—certified stocks are down nearly 87 percent YOY. In the October WASDE, USDA [...]

Reference pricing for Mexico sugar down slightly in early August

After two-plus months of slow appreciation, estandar pricing drifted marginally lower in the first week of August. As a result, estandar was nearly flat from the last four weeks but remains up YOY. Refined pricing has moved sideways over the past few months but [...]

Mexico’s sugar production reaches 6.14 MMT, up 8% YOY

Mexico’s sugarcane campaign is looking to show a strong close of the 2021/22 season. Harvest area has finally passed last year’s pace, a further boost for overall crush. Sugar content remains up YOY. Source: CNDSCA Seven mills were still crushing at the end of [...]

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