Slight weakness for Mexican sugar reference prices

Mexico sugar reference prices have weakened further, enough to bring them down below the four-week average.  After five weeks of lower prices for estandar, August pricing to date is down about 1.5 percent from the July average.  Through July, CNDSCA estimates domestic sugar consumption [...]

Higher Mexico sugar prices pressure domestic use

In the week of Jul. 10, reference pricing for estandar sugar in Mexico slid marginally lower—the first week-on-week drop since mid-February. Over that period, estandar and reference pricing rose by about 23 percent and 34 percent, respectively.  Mexico sugar price Source: SNIIM From October [...]

Mexico sugar reference prices boost food costs

In the first week of July, reference prices for sugar made further gains, continuing the rally of the previous four months. Estandar pricing is now up over 40 percent YOY, refined up over 50 percent.  Price strength follows the general inflationary trend, further supported [...]

Mexico sugar crop down 12% YOY, estandar pricing up 27%

Through May 6, Mexico’s sugarcane crush and sugar production continued to lag behind recent seasons. Cane tonnage, the yield of raw cane per hectare (ha), is still down 14 percent or 10.3 MT per ha; sugar content (recovery) is down by half a percent. [...]

Mexico sugar prices weaker, production still down YOY

Through the week of Feb. 4, the 19th week of Mexico’s 2022/23 sugar campaign, cumulative cane harvest area was reported up 3.8 percent YOY. Due to poor cane yield (tonnage), however, total cane crush is still down 6.5 percent YOY, and with the sugar [...]

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