Mexico sugar still weakening in midcrop period

At the start of this week, pricing is flat from the previous week but down almost a point from the four-week average for both estandar and refined. In August, the Ministry of Economy announced that initial export quotas to the U.S. will total 657,153 [...]

Mexico sugar output higher still in 2018/19 & 2019/20?

FAS’s new GAIN report on Mexico pegs 2018/19 cane sugar production at 6.56 million metric tons (MMT), up 3 percent from 2017/18 output of 6.37 MMT. For 2019/20, sugar production is forecast slightly higher still at 6.57 MMT. Domestic consumption is seen lower, however, [...]

Cumulative 2017/18 U.S. sugar imports mixed

Total U.S. sugar imports from October through May are up just 0.8 percent year on year. This small change is deceptive, however, as there are more radical variations within individual import categories. Though USDA forecasts imports from Mexico will rise by 5.6 percent in [...]