Corn export sales see slow start to season

U.S. trade partners appear to be holding off buying 2022/23 corn: Sales were a mere 182,339 MT during the week of Sep. 15 (7.2 million bushels), well below average for the week. Outstanding sales to Japan were 854,000 MT as of Sep. 15, compared [...]

U.S. weekly corn exports at eight-month low

For the week ending Jul. 7, U.S. weekly corn exports were 916,123 MT (36.1 million bushels), an eight-month low and down 14 percent YOY. Cumulative 2021/22 exports reached 53.4 MMT (2.102 billion bushels), down 11 percent YOY. Weekly net export sales were 59,027 MT [...]

U.S weekly corn export sales at season low

For the week ending Jun. 23, U.S. weekly net export corn sales were at a season-to-date low of 88,000 MT (3.5 million bushels), bringing outstanding sales to about 9.0 MMT (354.3 million bushels). Top buyers for the week included Japan (191,900 MT), South Korea [...]

Corn export sales are low vs. least season

For the week ending Feb. 10, U.S. net weekly export sales were 820,041 MT (32.3 million bushels), down about 18 percent YOY. Outstanding sales were just under 24.2 MMT (952.7 million bushels), down 32 percent YOY. Top buyers for the week included Japan (600,200 [...]

Corn exports climb to three-week high

For the week ending Jan. 6, U.S. corn exports were a three-week high near 1.0 MMT (39.8 million bushels). Cumulative 2021/22 exports rose to nearly 15.7 MMT (616.7 million bushels), down some 6 percent YOY. Weekly corn export sales were 457,675 MT (18.0 million [...]

Corn exports for 2019/20 at two-thirds of forecast

Corn export shipments for the week ending Jun. 4 were just over 1.24 MMT (49 million bushels), down roughly 8 percent from the week prior and but above the pace needed to reach USDA’s season forecast of 1.775 billion bushels. That 2019/20 export forecast [...]

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