Florida orange production just 15.85 million boxes

In the last report for 2022/23, USDA added 100,000 boxes to Florida’s Valencia orange production, raising the count to 9.7 million 90-pound boxes. Total Florida orange production for 2022/23 was down 62 percent from 2021/22. California’s Valencia crop did not in the end recover [...]

USDA tweaks Florida citrus forecast

In the March Citrus report, USDA’s only changes were modest hikes to Florida production. For non-Valencia oranges, USDA raised Florida’s 2022/23 production by 100,000 boxes to 6.1 million boxes, down 67 percent YOY. The state’s Valencia forecast was left unchanged at just 10 million [...]

Florida Valencia production lowered 1.0 million boxes

Last week, USDA adjusted Florida Valencia orange production to reflect higher drop rate and smaller fruit size. The state’s total 2019/20 orange production is now estimated at 70 million 90-lb boxes, down 1.0 million from the March forecast and down 3 percent from 2018/19. [...]

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