U.S. may impose greater tariffs on EU goods

The Trump administration may add or increase tariffs on EU products, including agricultural products, to combat subsidies from the EU to Airbus. According to CNBC, “The U.S. has long argued that subsidies to Airbus hurt American aircraft giant Boeing and that the EU’s efforts [...]

Will meat alternatives lose to EU label literalism?

Just a few days after Nestlé announced the launch of plant-based Incredible Burger—under its Garden Gourmet brand—the European Parliament’s ag committee voted to block meat alternatives from using words like “steak,” “sausage,” “burger,” hamburger,” etc. The full parliament will vote on the ban after [...]

WASDE watch: Soybean exports

USDA will update 2018/19 S&D projections on Tuesday. In November, USDA lowered this season’s U.S. soybean exports to 1.9 billion bushels due to the trade dispute with China. With 2018/19 ending stocks already forecast at a record 955 million bushels, the industry is wondering how close [...]

EU’s sugar beet crop faces difficult weather & low sugar prices

The original euphoria following the liberalization of the European Union’s sweetener market was met with a cold splash of reality: record world sugar output in 2017/18, with 2018/19 forecast near that, yielding a combined surplus of more than 21 million metric tons of sugar. [...]

EU ban announced on a third of Brazilian meat imports

The European Union banned imports from 20 Brazilian meat plants previously listed as approved suppliers. A European Commission statement reported the ban was prompted by “deficiencies detected in the Brazilian official control system.” The companies affected ship about a third of all meat exports, [...]


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