FAO Food Price Index down again in January

FAO Food Price Index (FPI) fell for the tenth-straight month in January as each subindex clocked a monthly drop from December prices. The composite FPI fell 2.5 percent from December and was down 4.9 percent from January 2022. Monthly declines for the subindexes ranged [...]

Brazil center-south sugar output up 45% YOY

Through mid-September, Brazilian center-south cane crush is up 5 percent YOY. The cumulative sugar share is 47 percent of cane crush vs. 35 percent a year ago. As a result, sugar production is up 45 percent YOY at 29.07 MMT. Ethanol manufacturing, however, is [...]

Cane sugar origins increasing fuel ethanol production

Major cane sugar producing countries are moving to make domestic ethanol manufacturing a reality. Brazil will unsurprisingly retain its spot as the top cane ethanol producer, and swings in the ethanol share of its cane crush are a major influence on the global supply [...]

Brazil ends 2017/18 center-south campaign

Brazil’s center-south crush reached 596.3 million metric tons (MMT) of cane from April 2017 through March 2018, down by nearly 2 percent from crush for its 2016/17 campaign. Usage of that cane for sugar manufacturing was slightly higher in the last season, 46.5 percent [...]

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