Mexico sugar pricing ticks higher in September

In the week of Sep. 12, reference sugar prices ticked slightly higher, up half a percent for estandar and up 0.8 percent for refined from the prior week. Source: SNIIM, McKeany-Flavell Average estandar pricing dipped 0.1 percent in August, while refined pricing rose by [...]

Mexico sugar output surpasses year-ago volume

After rising in the previous three weeks, Mexico estandar reference pricing traded marginally lower in the last week of March. Refined, which has been appreciating more slowly in March, made slight gains last week. Source: SNIIM, McKeany-Flavell Harvest area and cane crush are still [...]

Mexico sugar pricing up nominally as sugarcane campaign slows

In the week of Jan. 17, reference prices for Mexican sugar appreciated marginally, up 0.3 percent for estandar and 0.7 percent for refined. Pricing remains down from elevated levels a year ago. Source: SNIIM, McKeany-Flavell After depreciating against the dollar in late November, the [...]

Minor bounce for Mexico sugar pricing; early sugar output still lagging

Reference pricing for Mexico sugar strengthened modestly in week of Nov. 22. In recent weeks, estandar has appreciated more strongly, rebounding after its weaker showing from June through October. Refined is holding steady after a more modest decline from August through October. Following price [...]

Mexican sugar production up 8% in 2020/21 as season nears end

As of Jul. 17, Mexico’s 2020/21 sugar production reached 5.713 MMT, up 8 percent from production a year prior of 5.278 MMT. Higher harvest area and sugar tonnage per hectare, 64.9 MT vs. 62.9 a year prior, have helped bolster sugar output. Sugar yield [...]

Mexico sugar crop & new agreement with U.S.

Reference pricing for Mexican sugar has continued its three-month divergent trend: weakening for estandar, appreciation for refined. The most recent estandar pricing shows a drop of 0.5 percent from the previous week and of 0.7 percent from a month ago. Conversely, refined is up [...]

Will Mexico revamp its sugarcane pricing system?

Weeklong mill grower blockade over: Sugarcane grower unions have lifted their blockades of cane mills across the country based on an agreement signed between the UNC grower union and the CNIAA, the “Sugar Chamber” representing Mexico’s milling and refining industry. More comprehensive data: The [...]

Mexican domestic sugar prices spike on cane grower protests

In the last week, the refined sugar price fell 1.1 percent, a more rapid decline than in previous weeks. Pricing for estandar, however, gained 6.0 percent to pre-harvest levels. This atypical increase in price can only be attributed to the market’s reaction to organized [...]

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