Biofuel rumors loom over soybean market

Futures activity Soybean futures posted a strong rebound last week, with Sep-21 futures closing on Friday up by over $0.65, at $13.5925 per bushel. Nov-21 soybeans closed lower (but higher for the week) at $13.2325 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors 2021/22 export sales [...]

Corn futures dipped 6% last week

Futures activity Along with nearly all other commodity markets, corn futures experienced a sharp sell-off last week as pandemic concerns stoked fear and prompted contract liquidations. Dec-21 futures ended the week down $0.3175 per bushel from last Monday’s settle to close at $5.37 per [...]

Soybeans crash to five-month low

Soybean futures prices fell all last week, plummeting to a five-month low on Thursday’s sell-down to $13.29 per bushel. Continued rumors of EPA changes to biofuel mandates, a more favorable weather outlook for the Grain Belt, and a May crush report below expectations all [...]

Can we halve food waste by 2030?

Last year, USDA, FDA, and EPA set a goal to cut food waste loss (FWL) in half by 2030. Yet a recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found limited progress by these three agencies. National Resource Defense Council 2017 data showed that [...]

Looking for a biofuels compromise

The biofuels debate has intensified once again, presenting the current administration with a complex challenge as it seeks to reform the controversial Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Two main constituencies are butting heads: On the one hand, oil companies complain that the cost of blending [...]

Setbacks for RFS compliance

The renewable fuel credits (RIN) market is reacting nervously to recent industry developments, with D6 Renewable Fuel (ethanol) RINs falling over 35 percent from January through March and D4 Biomass-based Diesel (biodiesel) down over 20 percent. According to Reuters, EPA has granted Andeavor a [...]