Key Nov. 4 vote will influence West Coast gas storage & pricing

A meeting on Nov. 4 will decide on increasing gas storage at a primary facility that serves as major hub for Southern California. The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) will vote on lifting restrictions at the Aliso Canyon SoCal citygate terminal as part of [...]

Crude oil pricing rises as OPEC+ limits production growth

Brent crude oil futures surged this past week, topping $81 per barrel, a level not seen since 2014, making a contract and yearly high after the most recent OPEC+ meeting. The OPEC+ Joint Technical Committee (JTC) met ahead of the regular member meeting to [...]

June soybean oil use for biofuel down 11% YOY

Manufacturers of biodiesel and renewable diesel used 663 million pounds of soybean oil in June, down 16 percent from May and down 11 percent from June 2020. Soybean oil accounted for about 44 percent of biofuel feedstock consumption during the month. We estimate that [...]

Summer heat underpins natural gas market

Sizzling summer temperatures sent the mercury well into the 90s for regions of the U.S. over the past week, boosting demand for power as air conditioners were working overtime. The Twin Cities saw seven consecutive daytime highs well into the 90s, and much of [...]

Early spring helps natural gas stocks with second week of inventory gains

As temperatures begin to climb with early arrival of spring weather, EIA’s reported natural gas inventories registered their second, albeit modest, increase in as many weeks. National storage showed a 20 bcf build with the largest increase in the central-south region, bringing total stocks [...]

Will the natural gas bear emerge from hibernation?

March came in like a lamb, with warmer than normal temperatures finally breaking the arctic air mass that caused so much trouble in January and February from the Midwest all way to the Gulf Coast. The ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) crisis caused [...]

Crude oil continues to consolidate & move higher

As U.S. supplies of crude oil fell for the third straight week on continued weak imports and near-record export shipments out of the Gulf, crude oil is seeing its highest prices since the March sell-off and its historic price inversion into negative territory. Some 2.2 [...]

Summer heat puts a crimp in the natural gas supply build

Last week’s surprisingly strong 120 bcf per day weekly EIA build number gave way to a more modest 65 bcf, about half the prior week’s level. Hotter summer temperatures are settling in across the country for July with summer in full swing. Although stocks [...]


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