Small bump in dairy herd at start of 2023

USDA reveals an unexpected increase in national and state dairy herd numbers kicking off 2023. After 2022 ended on two months of decline, the market was prepared for another modest round of culling and further declines in the herd ahead of the latest milk [...]

North Island flooding threatens New Zealand’s dairy industry

Heavy rains and flash floods have led to mudslides, the evacuation of thousands across New Zealand’s North Island, and closure of many schools. Residents have been urged to stay indoors and off flooded roads as emergency services assist evacuees. Last Friday, Jan. 27, was [...]

Herd number reported unchanged—sort of—in May milk report

Somewhat surprisingly, the USDA May milk production report showed the herd was little changed from the prior month. In fact, while USDA adjusted the March milk cows figure slightly higher, it reported absolutely no change to the national herd or the dairy herd in [...]

Signs of weakness creeping into dairy market

After prices rallied sharply in November, the dairy market seemed dominated by bullish buyers and tight heifer supply. However, when the market is leaning so hard in one direction, with brokers/distributors only seeing dollar signs, it may be a time to pause, reflect, and [...]

Dairy herd & milk yield fall below year-ago levels

This week’s USDA milk production report provided more bullish fuel as the national herd fell by a further -14,000 head to 9.4 million cows across the country, and milk yield, the volume of milk per cow per day, also fell below Oct 2020 levels. [...]

U.S. dairy herd plateaus & poised to fall

After steadily rising over the past 12 months, the nationwide herd may have peaked as flush ends. Total herd across the 50 states was estimated at 9.51 million head, down about 1,000 head from the May estimate. The 24-state number, representing about 95 percent [...]

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