Soybean oil prices rise with WASDE looming

Futures activity Soybean oil prices saw plenty of lift last week, with Dec-22 futures rallying 4.5 cents per pound back up to 66.60 cents per pound. The H1 2023 futures strip average is near 63.75 cents per pound. S&D and fundamental factors OPEC+ announced [...]

Corn market surprised by bullish September stocks report

Futures activity After a relatively calm week, corn futures propelled to $7 per bushel during trading on Friday following the release of the September Grain Stocks report. S&D and fundamental factors In the Grain Stocks report, 2021 figures were revised lower, with both planted [...]

Soybeans close higher on positive economic data

Futures activity Following a day of significant strength and approaching cash market convergence, Sep-22 soybean futures closed last week a bit weaker than it started at $15.105 per bushel. Nov-22 futures closed at $14.205 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors StoneX raised their forecast [...]

Crude oil over $120 per barrel as China slowly reopens

Saudi state-run oil company Aramco raised prices to both European and Asian customers this month and signaled that prices could rise further as China slowly relaxes strict COVID lockdowns and reopens its economy, raising its oil demand. New-contract Arab light crude oil prices were [...]

Runaway prices at pump result in broken campaign promises

Over a year into Biden’s first term in office, prices for crude oil have more than doubled, moving from $50 per barrel (bbl) to over $100 per bbl, and gasoline prices have followed that same trajectory. With consumers now paying more than $4 per [...]

Energy markets in the crosshairs of the Ukrainian crisis

The effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began two weeks ago are spilling over into global markets, creating massive volatility for corporations to navigate. Crude oil prices traded up to $130 per barrel this past week to a 15-year high as the [...]

Corn rockets higher as Russian invasion intensifies

Futures activity Corn futures rocketed higher all last week, reaching $8 per bushel on the spot market during trading on Friday before falling back to close up 5 cents at $7.56 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors While market attention is on Ukraine and [...]

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