Slight dip in the condition of field crops

Around 90 percent of the U.S. corn crop had made it through pollination as of Aug. 7, although Iowa was still behind average at 83 percent vs. 92 percent for the five-year. July’s hot, dry weather hurt crop condition in some regions, with 16 [...]

Significant U.S. acreage reduction reinvigorates soy complex

Futures activity Jul-22 soybean futures began last week with four consecutive days higher, rallying from $16.10 per bushel to $16.75 per bushel. Prices were not able to hold on Friday, though, as profit-taking took place and brought that contract down 49 cents per bushel, [...]

Crude oil, Indonesian trade policy gyrations drive soybean oil prices

Futures activity Jul-22 soybean meal recovered nearly all losses from recent weeks to close at $429.90 per ST. The matching soybean oil contract closed below its week high to settle on May 23 at $0.8093 per pound. S&D and fundamental factors U.S. soybeans were [...]

Midwest growers push to get crops planted

Farmers in the Corn Belt took advantage of better weather and made enormous progress last week in planting corn and soybeans. Iowa’s planted corn acreage rose from 14 percent to 57 percent as reported in the May 16 crop progress bulletin, while Illinois went [...]

Cold start to spring delays crop progress

Although Mar. 20 was the official start of spring and next week will be the first full week of May, you wouldn’t know that if you were in the Northern Plains over the past month. Multiple late-winter storms have plagued the region, bringing plenty [...]

USDA begins reporting on 2022/23 crop progress

For the week ending Apr. 3, corn planted in the U.S. was at 2 percent, the same level as a year ago. Texas was the only state to have a reported increase from a week prior with a 3-point increase to 54 percent, the [...]

Corn harvest speeds along, soybean pace a bit slower

As of Oct. 24, two-thirds of the U.S. corn crop had been harvested, up 14 points from the previous week and up 13 points from the five-year average for the week. While a one-week, 14-point gain in corn harvest progress is not unusual, it [...]

Weekly corn & soybean crop ratings unchanged

As of Sep. 26, U.S. corn was rated 59 percent good to excellent and 15 percent poor to very poor, unchanged from the week prior. Corn maturity was nearly three-fourths complete nationwide and was about 10 points above the five-year average. Harvest was 18 [...]

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