U.S. HFCS export fell 2 percent in 2018

USITC data for December show the U.S. exported 73,330 MT (dry weight) of HFCS during the month: 3,375 MT of HFCS-42 and 69,955 MT of HFCS-55, which raised cumulative 2018 HFCS exports to 1.046 MMT, slightly lower than annual exports in 2016 and 2017. [...]

Corn may still be king, but corn sweeteners remain under siege

Consumption of corn sweeteners per capita in 2017 fell 1.3 percent from 2016 consumption. This decline was caused by a more dramatic drop for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) alone, which saw a YOY decline of 4.0 percent. Consumption of glucose corn syrup and [...]

Producer price index down for raw sugar, up for refined sugar

USDA’s Producer Price Index (PPI) for refined beet sugar has trended higher since the start of calendar 2017. For 2017/18 through June, the average PPI for refined beet sugar is reported up 9.4 percent or around 13 index points from the average in 2016/17. [...]

Spring Market Seminar 2018: Limited space—register soon!

Gaining an early glimpse into elements that will impact commodities will help you make more informed and effective decisions. Join us for our fourth annual Spring Market Seminar: Forecasting the Future and let McKeany-Flavell’s experts show you more than a peek at which factors [...]

Spring Market Seminar 2018: Forecasting the future

Buying ingredients and managing your spend require you to make many predictions. Shifts in consumer demand affect the decisions of ingredient buyers and sellers alike. New food safety requirements limit supplier choices. Changes in the transportation landscape may push freight costs higher. These and [...]