Corn prices continue to tumble

Corn prices continue to fall as crop forecasts are cut and recessionary fears influence the market. Corn futures slid further this week, with the May 23 contract falling. Corn export sales were sizable last week, though this comes as USDA lowered the export estimate [...]

Corn market trading sideways

Futures activity Mar-23 corn futures closed Friday at $6.8050, very close to the week’s open at $6.79; weekly volatility was relatively tame, with a $0.10 per bushel high/low spread. The same could be said for Dec-23 corn, which closed at $5.96 per bushel. S&D [...]

Corn export demand keeps futures prices in check

Futures activity Corn futures rallied slightly last week, remaining near around $7 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors New 2022/23 corn sales were just 7.9 million bushels the week ending Oct. 7, still well below the pace needed to reach the new export target [...]

Corn market surprised by bullish September stocks report

Futures activity After a relatively calm week, corn futures propelled to $7 per bushel during trading on Friday following the release of the September Grain Stocks report. S&D and fundamental factors In the Grain Stocks report, 2021 figures were revised lower, with both planted [...]

Pro Farmer crop tour hints at ominous 2022/23 corn production

Futures activity Bolstered by concerns about the upcoming crop, Sep-22 corn futures on Friday, Aug. 25, ended the week up by more than $0.35 at $6.6875 per bushel. Dec-22 futures closed similarly higher at $6.6475 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors The Pro Farmer [...]

Corn market quieter last week

Futures activity Sep-22 corn futures ended last week close to where they started, closing at $6.1025 per bushel. Dec-22 futures were up a mere quarter of a cent from the start of last week, closing at an even $6.10 per bushel. S&D and fundamental [...]

Corn futures traded sideways ahead of holiday

Futures activity Spot corn futures closed last week basically unchanged from their close Friday, May 20, at $7.77 per bushel. During the mid-week sell down, prices dipped to $7.65 per bushel before rallying it all back during trading on Friday. S&D and fundamental factors [...]

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