Corn futures traded sideways ahead of holiday

Futures activity Spot corn futures closed last week basically unchanged from their close Friday, May 20, at $7.77 per bushel. During the mid-week sell down, prices dipped to $7.65 per bushel before rallying it all back during trading on Friday. S&D and fundamental factors [...]

USDA sees continued corn tightness, supporting futures

Futures activity After a bullish reaction to last Thursday’s USDA report, Jul-22 corn futures settled Friday at $7.81 per bushel. The Dec-22 contract ended the week up $0.38 at $7.4875 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors U.S. corn was 22 percent planted as of [...]

Chinese purchases of U.S. corn on the rise

Futures activity Corn futures pushed back up last week to above $8 per bushel. Jul-22 futures rose 24 cents per bushel, from $7.89 to $8.13. S&D and fundamental factors Chinese purchases of U.S. corn continue as exports out of Ukraine remain concerning for the [...]

Corn market rises on new-crop supply concerns

Futures activity May-22 corn closed near $7.90 per bushel last Friday, up more than 25 cents from Monday. The Dec-22 harvest contract closed at $7.35 per bushel. The general lack of spread among 2022/23 contracts may be reflecting the market’s uncertainty over corn for [...]

Corn loses out on acreage battle

Futures activity May-22 corn actually fell 19 cents per bushel last week to $7.35 per bushel despite an unfavorable acreage report. New-crop futures contracts closed the gap vs. the spot market, however, reflecting lower expected acreage. The Dec-22 contract rose from $6.69 per bushel [...]

Geopolitics & U.S. monetary policy factor into corn market behavior

Futures activity May-22 corn closed Friday at $7.4175 per bushel after volatile trading last week between $7.26 and $7.67 per bushel. December corn futures closed the week at $6.4550 per bushel.  S&D and fundamental factor A Ukrainian grains analysis firm, APK-Inform, estimates spring crop [...]

Corn rockets higher as Russian invasion intensifies

Futures activity Corn futures rocketed higher all last week, reaching $8 per bushel on the spot market during trading on Friday before falling back to close up 5 cents at $7.56 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors While market attention is on Ukraine and [...]

South American soybeans lead corn higher

Futures activity We just closed another week with higher futures as the Mar-22 corn contract settled at $6.54 per bushel, up from a low of $6.38 per bushel last Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Dec-22 harvest contract is rapidly approaching $6, closing the week at $5.9775 [...]

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