Western Europe first-quarter cocoa grind off to the races

Results for cocoa beans processed and converted into various chocolate products during Q1 are starting to be reported. Cocoa processors across Europe reported a total of 373,498 MT of beans consumed during Q1 2022, 4.4 percent above the prior year. The results reported also [...]

Specs pile into cocoa as Q3 grinds improve

Three weeks ago, speculative fund longs in cocoa surged, sending their total net position up just short of 50,000 net longs. At 48,301 net contracts, this is the longest these traders have been since March earlier this year. They raised their longs by some [...]

Cocoa grind for top regions rebounds from three-year low in 2019/20

Cocoa grind for the last quarter of 2020/21 was reported for the major use regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. Combined grind for the three regions reached 2.781 MMT of cocoa beans. This volume was up 3.8 percent from 2019/20 grind of 2.679 [...]

Strong cocoa Q2 2021 grind rebounds in Europe & North America?

This week, ECA reported European Q2 2021 cocoa grind is at a record 356,854 MT, down 0.3 percent from Q1 grind of 357,815 but up 13.6 percent from Q2 2020 YOY. German Q2 grind had been reported at 93,064 MT of beans, up 18 [...]

Speculative funds liquidate half their cocoa positions

This past week’s CFTC report showed that funds had liquidated half of their remaining futures this past week, taking net positions to their lowest in nearly nine months. Abundant rains are improving the prospects for the upcoming West African main crops, and lower than [...]

Cocoa sees technical support at uptrend

Inflation-related volatility continues to impact commodity pricing, and cocoa is seeing recent price weakness on fund liquidation. Since their mid-May highs, cocoa futures have fallen nearly $200 per MT or nearly a tenth on position liquidation ahead of the July contract expiration. With futures [...]

First-quarter cocoa grinds showing signs of green shoots

The past year has been tough on everyone, and the confectionery industry has been no exception. Global cocoa grind, a measurement of confectionery demand, contracted nearly 3 percent in 2020, with many traditional routes to market such as impulse purchases and food service disrupted [...]

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