FCOJ futures hit three-month high

On Tuesday, Jan. 4, most-active Mar-22 FCOJ futures settled about 10 cents above the 20-day average at 144.0, the highest close since Sep. 21. In the two days since, the contract has seen a slight correction lower. Higher FCOJ demand is tied to the [...]

Dispatches from the fight against citrus greening

APHIS expands quarantine areas: In August, USDA’s APHIS announced the expansion of the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) quarantines in California, Texas, and Louisiana. On Sep. 18, APHIS announced a psyllid quarantine area in Nevada’s Clark County. The map below shows Asian citrus psyllid and [...]

Promising development in search for citrus greening cure

Huanglongbing (commonly referred to as HLB or citrus greening disease) is unrelenting in its destruction of citrus trees. A tiny insect, called the Asian citrus psyllid and no larger than a grain of rice, can carry the bacteria and infect the citrus. The infection [...]

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