Signs of weakness creeping into dairy market

After prices rallied sharply in November, the dairy market seemed dominated by bullish buyers and tight heifer supply. However, when the market is leaning so hard in one direction, with brokers/distributors only seeing dollar signs, it may be a time to pause, reflect, and [...]

WASDE: Modest changes to world grain production

In the December WASDE, USDA made no changes to either the U.S. corn or soybean balance sheets. U.S. wheat 2021/22 ending stocks saw a slight increase as exports were cut 20 million bushels to 840 million bushels, and imports were lowered from 115 to [...]

Record Ukraine corn harvest nears completion

As of late-November, about 87 percent of Ukraine’s 2021/22 crop was harvested. Unofficial receipts were at roughly 35.0 MMT, so final production may reach or surpass USDA’s estimate of 38.0 MMT, a record. Ukraine’s ag ministry raised its 2021/22 production estimate to 40.0 MMT. [...]

Soybean futures stable, soybean oil retreats

Futures activity After a 16-cent rally last Monday, soybean futures were quiet the rest of the week and traded virtually unchanged around $12.47 per bushel (Jan-22 futures). S&D and fundamental factors Soybean export shipments the week ending Oct. 21 were very strong at 88.4 [...]

Soybeans end the week near where they started

Futures activity Spot soybean oil futures also moved off five-month lows from $0.5578 cents per pound to $0.5629 per pound as of close Friday. Prices this time last year were near 35 cents per pound. S&D and fundamental factors August NOPA soybean crush came [...]

March cattle on feed at 12.0 million head

As of Mar. 1, U.S. cattle on feed totaled 12.0 million head, down 1 percent on the month but up about 2 percent YOY. Headcount was a record high for the month of March. This may give some indication of potential feed demand growth [...]

Corn follows soybeans higher

Corn futures were trading higher last Friday but are still in a consolidation pattern. The market will await a breakout as an indication as to whether the bullish trend can continue. For such direction, tomorrow’s WASDE report will be scrutinized as well as weather [...]

Meteoric rise in international dairy prices

Breathtaking gains in dairy prices in Fonterra’s latest global auction had a feel of a short squeeze with aggressive bids and few offers. In particular, a genuine lack of free containers for maritime transit has hurt spot availability. Chinese buyers returned to the market [...]


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