Soybean export volumes to China increase

Soybean exports for the week of Jan. 5 picked up by 9.6 percent from the previous week, putting accumulated shipments at 29.7 MMT (1 billion bushels). Weekly net export sales, on the other hand, slowed to 717,415 MT. Outstanding sales were down to 14.7 [...]

Soybean exports slowing down after busy few weeks

Soybean exporters have seen brisk business since March, with sales and shipments well above average levels for this time of year. Data for the week ending Apr. 21 shows a bit of a slowdown in shipment pace, while sales were a bit higher than [...]

Soybean export pace stayed strong throughout November

Soybean exports topped 388 million bushels in November, up slightly from the volume shipped in November 2020, although this season’s slow start to trade has left cumulative exports 22 percent behind 2020/21’s pace to date. Over 250 million bushels of soybeans were destined for [...]

Soybean & soybean oil futures move in opposite directions

Futures activity Soybean oil futures rose steadily all last week, supported by rising palm oil prices. Dec-21 bean oil futures rose from 58.85 cents per bushel to 61.40 cents per bushel, nearing a two-month high if futures climb to 62.3 cents per pound this [...]

China hesitates to ramp up new-crop soybean orders

The week ending Jul. 8 was mighty slow for soybean exports, thanks in part to the holiday. This marketing year continues to track 2014/15’s late-season pace very closely, and if July and August keep to the pattern, the final weeks of 2020/21 might add [...]

No change to 2020/21 soybean export estimate

USDA left all the 2020/21 soybean S&D numbers unchanged in yesterday’s WASDE, including 2020/21 exports at 2.28 billion bushels. The initial forecast for 2021/22 exports is 2.08 billion bushels. This season’s cumulative exports as reported by FAS seem right on track to hit the [...]

Soybean exports rise ahead of shift to South American market

The U.S. exported a robust 2.38 MMT of soybeans during the week ending Jan. 14, including 1.35 MMT destined for China. Export pace did not fall off much during the holidays, and last week’s shipments were notably strong for this time of year. Net [...]

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