October-November India sugar production up nearly 10% YOY

As of the end of November, ISMA estimated India’s 2021/22 sugar production near 4.72 MMT, up about 9.7 percent from cumulative production a year ago of 4.30 MMT. We currently forecast all 2021/22 output near 33.4 MMT, up about 1 percent YOY. As a [...]

Brazil center-south ethanol sales up as crush winds down ahead of the new campaign

For the 2018/19 April-March center-south cane campaign, crush through mid-February is up 3.6 percent YOY. With the sugar share at 35 percent for the season to date, cumulative sugar production reached 26.36 MMT, down 26.5 percent YOY. Cane ethanol production, meanwhile, is up 19.5 percent [...]

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