#11 sugar futures continued to rise in early April

Following March’s sideways trading below 21.50 cents, nearby May-23 #11 world raw sugar settled at a fresh high of 23.61 in early April. Support formed near 23.15, 22.85, 22.65, 22.40, and 22.00. Most-active Jul-23 #11 broke past resistance around 21.00 and 21.50 cents, rallying [...]

Finally a break for world food prices?

Adjusted for inflation, FAO’s Food Price Index fell in June by 2.5 percent, ending a 12-month runup for world food prices. The decline came from a strong drop for vegetable oils, down nearly 10 percent from May pricing, and smaller drops for cereals and [...]

Brazil sugar output up slightly in late May, but sugar share slips further

In the second half of May, Brazilian center-south production was up under 3 percent YOY at 2.62 MMT. The sugar share of cane use was down nearly a point, cane crush was up almost 2 percent, and cane quality and sugar recovery were slightly [...]

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