Brazil center-south sugar production down over 12% YOY

Sugarcane crush in Brazil’s center-south was down nearly 10 percent YOY from April, the start of the campaign, through mid-October. Cumulative sugar output is down 12.5 percent YOY at 30.3 MMT. The sugar share of cane crush for the season to date is 46 [...]

Brazil center-south sugar production up 66 percent in new season

From April through May, Brazil’s center-south crush was up 12 percent YOY at 144.8 MMT of sugarcane. Some 46 percent of cane for these two months was crushed for sugar, up from 33 percent a year prior. With recovery at 55 kg of sugar [...]

Brazilian sugar production, exports recovering in new season

From April through mid-May, Brazil’s center south campaign saw reported crush of 103.0 MMT of cane, up an impressive 22 percent YOY and up nearly 16 percent from the five-year average. Sugar production reached 5.49 MMT, up 84 percent YOY and up 44 percent [...]

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