Corn futures ease with bevy of reports next week

Corn futures could not sustain their recent rally and began trickling lower last Tuesday. Corn export sales continue to trend higher, with 49.1 million bushels in new sales for 2022/23 at the start of April. Despite the uptick, total sales booked are still down [...]

Corn rockets higher as Russian invasion intensifies

Futures activity Corn futures rocketed higher all last week, reaching $8 per bushel on the spot market during trading on Friday before falling back to close up 5 cents at $7.56 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors While market attention is on Ukraine and [...]

Some unfavorable weather for grain at home & abroad

Brazil’s 2020/21 safrinha crop saw another frost event, which may lower yields on late-maturing corn. China’s Henan province, which produces about 10 percent of the country’s corn crop, has seen excessive flooding this week with some crop and livestock losses likely. Weather models change [...]

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