Corn prices rebound with pollination around the corner

Futures activity Dec-22 corn futures went on a wild ride last week after prices plunged to $5.7850 per bushel last Monday, down 29 cents from the previous Friday’s close. Prices dipped to as low as $5.6650 per bushel during trading on Wednesday, the lowest [...]

Corn trading sideways ahead of February WASDE

Futures activity Mar-22 corn futures closed slightly lower last week at $6.2050 per bushel. Futures are up about $0.70 per bushel year on year.  S&D and fundamental factors With WASDE’s release this week, one key question is whether global corn ending stocks will fall further. [...]

Corn futures edge lower ahead of WASDE

Futures activity Dec-21 corn futures dropped by roughly $0.10 over last week to close at $5.3050 per bushel. Since the last week of September, futures have traded in a narrow range. S&D and fundamental factors Global ending stocks are projected to rise by about [...]

Shift in short-term corn market factors

Futures activity Sep-21 corn futures ended last week considerably lower, down more than $0.32 per bushel over the week. Dec-21 futures fell by 3.5 percent over the week to close at $5.24 per bushel. S&D and fundamental factors U.S. corn condition remains at national [...]

Corn futures rise on unfavorable Brazilian weather

On Tuesday, Apr. 26, most-active Jul-21 corn futures settled at $6.5450, down 3 cents from Monday’s contract-high and 41 cents below the nearby May-21 contract settle of $6.9550. Dryness in Brazil has been the main driver behind rising corn futures. Some in the industry [...]

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