ABCL Next showcased new & clean biotechnology

The biotechnology industry is budding with many world-changing concepts and ready-for-market products. Several California-based companies working in this space discussed their objectives and perspectives at the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC Next), hosted by Biofuels Digest in San Francisco last week. Alan Shaw, CEO [...]

Brazilian center-south sugarcane harvest & the sugar that never was

Missing: About 1 million metric tons (MMT) sugar in some seven weeks. From April through mid-May, Brazil’s center-south produced 4.15 MMT of sugar, up 4.9 percent from output during the same period last year. Though cane crush in these seven weeks was up 27.3 [...]

Looking for a biofuels compromise

The biofuels debate has intensified once again, presenting the current administration with a complex challenge as it seeks to reform the controversial Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Two main constituencies are butting heads: On the one hand, oil companies complain that the cost of blending [...]

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